Welcome!! We are FIRST Robotics Team 1742 Shockwave from the Pre-Engineering program at Moore Norman Technology Center located in Norman, Oklahoma. As a team we are determined to promote FIRST, STEM and other important causes through the use of robotics programs and community outreach. Shock What? Shockwave!!!!

About Us

Our roots at Moore Norman Technology Center have provided us everything we need in order to become a FIRST Robotics team. In our classes we learn important skills through a two year Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering program. It combines math, science and technology fundamentals to model the engineering field. Whether it is hands on projects or studying in the classroom, we are always learning valuable lessons for the future… More About Us


What is FIRST?

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” or FIRST is a nonprofit organization set forth to inspire young generations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Founded by Dean Kamen (inventor of the segway), FIRST is determined to accomplish their mission:

“To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” -Dean Kamen … More About FIRST


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Moore Monthly Writes About Shockwave 1742!

Check out this article about Shockwave 1742 from Moore Monthly!!


Moore Norman Technology Center Competes in FIRST Robotics Competition

by Christiaan Patterson
Apr 02, 2013For the past three months, team 1742 Shockwave representing the Moore Norman Technology Center and Moore High School, have been working on building a robot for this years FIRST challenge: Ultimate Ascent. The main objective was to come up with an idea and then build something that would be able to both climb a pyramid and shoot discs through a goal post. Once the challenge is revealed in January, teams nationwide only have six weeks to complete a functional robot for competition. Shockwave had some issues, however, they worked through them and came out with an abled robot.”We have a set time limit to figure out what we have to do. The parameters are not disclosed until kick off and its really difficult to determine whether we need to go short, tall and account for the top heaviness of the shooter. Everything is just a mind game,” said Sean English, teammate of Shockwave.

At competition, Shockwave did well during qualifications and were chosen to join the other alliances for the actual competition. During a tight race in the quarterfinals, the team raced around and scored as many points for shooting and climbing as possible. With a tie against the blue alliance, the team battled it out on the field. In the end, the team were defeated by a narrow window of three points.

It wasn’t easy but these future scientists and engineers met the challenge and accomplished a robot, a team and skills that will lead them into a bright future.

4apr2 FRC FINAL from Moore Monthly on Vimeo.

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