2010 Award for Excellence in Design Submission

Team 1742 would like to nominate Tanner Nees for the 2010 Dean’s List.  Tanner was nominated by his peers for his leadership and expertise as the CADD leader of our team.  His work was instrumental in tackling design issues related to this year’s challenge. Tanner also is a recognized leader in FIRST CADD design in the state of Oklahoma.  He presented a session introducing students to Autodesk Inventor at the Oklahoma State University Robotics Summit in October 2009.

In this year’s Autodesk Inventor Design Award submission, Tanner brilliantly captured the design of our robot.  His early models allowed us to investigate and eventually go forward with the eight wheel drive platform with four center wheels dropped.  We were accurate in our evaluation of how we would go over the bumps based on his work in CADD.

In October 2009, Tanner presented a joint session with his instructor and other team members at the OSU Robotics Summit.  In the sessions, Tanner introduced rookie teams to Autodesk Inventor and the Virtual Kit of Parts. He suggested basic strategies on how to get started in Inventor and built a simple robot for the 40+ in attendance.

Tanner challenged himself to introduce chain models to this year’s assemble.  He also utilized cable and harnesses for the first time on the electronics.  He maintained a model throughout build that we could refer to as design decisions were made.

His work and leadership has earned Tanner the respect of our entire team.  We are extremely proud of this gracious professional and the benchmark set by him will be the standard which all future team members will strive to achieve.