FIRST Lego League (FLL)

FIRST Lego League (FLL for short) is one of the many robotics competitions that FIRST hosts. In this competition elementary and middle school kids participate in designing, programming and controlling lego based robots to perform tasks inside of the game table. Very similar to FRC, the flow of FLL competitions include teams competing against each other as well as an award show following the competition. Food Factor, Body Forward and Smart Move have all been successful FLL games in the past years. In result, FLL has climbed in the number of participants.

FLL competitions combine brain power and fun to create an environment where both science and technology challenge young minds. As a part of FRC team Shockwave we are encouraged to engage in FLL, help spark that interest in science and technology, and teach kids important concepts that will help them later in life. Over a span of seven years we have raised over 55,000 dollars and with this we have sponsored three lego league teams: Aftershock, Powersurge, Microwaves.

Three years and counting, we have volunteered as mentors, referees, and judges, set tables for matches and simply encouraged theses kids. These couple years of supporting FLL have been extremely rewarding. As a team we not only hope to see these kids go off to be apart of bigger programs such as FRC or FTC, but also become leaders in the fields of science and technology.