Shawnee Robot Showcase 2013

Shockwave Team 1742 traveled to Shawnee this past weekend to a Robotics Scrimmage at The Gordan Cooper Technology Center. It was great to see some familiar faces! We even saw The Light Sabers who were on our alliance at last year’s competition. During the showcase we arranged some much needed driving, shooting, and climbing practice; we still need a lot of practice but it was nice to have a big practice field! We learned that strategizing and understanding small elements to the game will be essential to be success at this year’s regional. In addition to drive practice, we saw some great looking robots from other teams. It was interesting to see what each team brainstormed and designed and how they were all unique to each other! We can’t wait to see all the other teams at this year’s competition, Ultimate Ascent. The FIRST FRC Oklahoma Regional will be in downtown Oklahoma City at the Cox Convention Center during the last weekend in March, the 28th through the 30th. It’s a completely free event and anyone is welcome to come and watch matches of awesome robots! Shockwave Team 1742 can’t wait to see you there!!


 Video of shooting around:

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