About Us

Welcome!! We are FIRST Robotics Team 1742 Shockwave from the Pre-Engineering program at Moore Norman Technology Center located in Norman, Oklahoma. As a team we are determined to promote FIRST, STEM and other important causes through the use of robotics programs and community outreach. Shock What? Shockwave!!!!

Our roots at Moore Norman Technology Center have provided us everything we need in order to become a FIRST Robotics team. In our classes we learn important skills through a two year Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering program. It combines math, science and technology fundamentals to model the engineering field. Whether it is hands on projects or studying in the classroom, we are always learning valuable lessons for the future.

FIRST Robotics was introduced to us in 2006 where we competed in the Oklahoma Regional for our rookie season. Since then, our team has grown tremendously. Our team now includes juniors and seniors at Moore Norman Technology Center as well as students from public high schools. We have succeeded more and more every year with accomplishments such as: winning competitions, helping the community, sponsoring lego league teams and becoming an example for FIRST Robotics. As a progressive team, we look to inspire young creative minds to become the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Leadership, teamwork and exercising the brain have transformed our team. We have become the closest friends and encouraged each other. Confidence in each other has brought us a long way. In this, we hope to interest others in our journey and grow to become technology leaders.

More about us:

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