Ultimate Ascent Build Season

Ultimate Ascent! Probably the most difficult and challenging FIRST FRC game yet! FIRST Team 1742 Shockwave has definitely had its ups and downs throughout the build season, but now we are closer than ever to achieving our goals. The team as a whole is getting a lot of much needed upgrades this year! From new shirts, new members, a new mentor, and even a completely new drive station!

Shooting Frisbees through the air can be a tough thing to do, but we came up with a pretty accurate and efficient way of doing it! Deciding what kind of shooter to have was a hard decision; both a linear shooter and circular shooter have their advantages and disadvantages. A linear shooter would be smaller and easier to load while a circular shooter would be more accurate and easier to angle upward and downward. After prototyping and drafting like crazy we finally came to the decision of a 90 degree circular shooter using a motor powered wheel, pneumatics, and a top slot Frisbee feeder loading hopper! After mounting the shooter, attaching the angling mechanism, and installing the programing, we were finally able to see what our shooter could do! We are now able to shoot at the 3 and 5 point goals pretty accurately! With the help of target angling and 5 different shooting speeds our shooter is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Climbing. Just even the thought of construction a heavy robot with the ability of climbing up a pyramid baffled all of us! Many ideas were explored with numerous sketches and prototypes. There were even a few days where the entire team just sat around and stared in absolute silence at the pyramid trying to come up with different ideas to get the job done! We will not reveal our climbing strategy in this article, but trust us when we say it was not an easy task! We cannot wait to go to competition this year and see what all the other teams have come up with! The FRC Competition is March 28th-30th at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City! Come see gigantic robots shoot frisbees and climb huge pyramids!! Hope to see you there!! Shockwhat? SHOCKWAVE!!!

Check out some videos of our robot shooting around HERE

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